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Cast-A-Britt Jill de Bandit @ 1.5 years in South Dakota

Hunting in Upper Michigan with Cast-A-Britt Bonnie

Herbie & cousin David in South Dakota

With Cast-A-Britt Runnin' Brook in South Dakota

Cast-A-Britt Heddah Tell grouse point

Cast-A-Britt Heddah Tell another grouse point

Growing Up with Brittanys

8 months Alli & Jackie

Alli & Myself    2yrs

2yrs    Getting acquainted

Alli learning to stand Crystal    7yrs

 (out of Hi-Spirit Buck)

8yrs    Alli standing Holly

(out of Bandee DC & 2-time NC)

With Bonnie & Gemmie    9yrs

(out of NFC-DC Cinnabar's Ami Roc de Edwards & Holly)

10yrs    Managing puppy with broken arm

Alli's favorite dog    11yrs

Cast-A-Britt Jill de Bandit (double Bandee)

14yrs    Full Circle

Cast-A-Britt Jill de Bandit & Ch. Auten's Admiral Bird puppies

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